My webserver chronicles – Part 1: Mail server

Recently I decided to have a go at setting up my own Mail Server on my Ubuntu dedicated box. I assumed this would be a simple task as there are so many tutorials out there. But the most challenging task turned out to be filtering through the articles that will more than likely leave your system open wide to attacks and those that just simply don’t work.


The technologies that I wanted to mess about with were:


1) Postfix

2) Courier

3) MySQL (To hold domain /mailbox information)


Finally I found this. The documentation / instruction is extremely meticulous and yet easy to understand. I would thoroughly advise using this if you want to set up a mail server on a linux machine. It includes aspects from just basic mail servers including security with firewalls (Shorewall), right up to spam filtering, secure auth and much more.


I haven’t posted in almost a year but I will be posting more about my journey through setting up my webserver.