I thought it was high time I released a list of the best plugins that I use with my WordPress installation. So here goes…

1. All in one webmaster

This plugin thanks to ArpitShah is a bundle of all the best tracking and analytics solutions available to the web and I would highly recommend it. Here is the description provided by ArpitShah:

If you are a webmaster you probably heard of “Google Webmaster Tool. Both Yahoo and Bing have their own versions called “Yahoo SiteExplorer” and “Bing Webmaster Central“. All in One Webmaster has option to add Google, Bing, Yahoo Webmaster Meta-Tags. Single click sitemap submission to Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. Add tracking code for Google, Clicky, 103Bees analytics. It uses the wphead() and wpfooter() hooks built in to WordPress to add content to your header and/or footer.

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